Claim Your Date

Choose a date and book your venue! As soon as you have these essential pieces, we can start reserving furnishings and daydreaming about the perfect style for you.

Start Browsin'

Start with our gallery to see some styled looks and our Instagram page to see the most up-to-date finds! Find which pieces speak to you and fit the style of your big day.

Build Your Wishlist

Once you’ve seen something you like, head to our Inventory page and select the favorite pieces you found while browsin’. Be sure to click the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button and fill out your information so we know who you are and what’s spoken to your heart!

Meet With Us

As soon as we get your wishlist, we’ll be in touch to set up an in-person consultation and show you some more styled ideas. Our studio is like a candy shop for the time-traveling explorers and whimsical dreamers! We’re pretty sure you’ll discover some more hidden gems!

Secure Your Goodies

Within two weeks of getting your quote, please return the signed rental agreement along with a 50% down payment so that we can reserve the items just for you!  During those two weeks, you will have a 48-hour right of first refusal if we get a request for pieces for the same date. Minimum orders apply during peak season.

Confirm The Details

As your big date approaches, we will be in touch to confirm delivery times, floor plans and all the other nitty gritty details. Don’t worry, if you have anything you want to add to your rental, it’s not too late to do so!

Settle The Tab

We’ll ask for payment in full¬†14 days before the scheduled date of delivery.

Let The Magic Happen

On your big day, we’ll arrive, set up, style, and drift away on the slightest breeze, leaving only a beautifully-styled space in our wake.

Leave Without A Trace

Like mystical gypsies of incredible style and fashion, we’ll quietly appear to pick up your rentals at the end of your event, leaving no muss or fuss for you.